Leatherneck – Pacific Edition 1945 10 15 (PDF)



Vol. 3 No. 8
56 pages

Cover: Kerr Eby, noted artist who achieved fame with his drawings and paintings of World War I, has seen action with Marines in the Pacific, in this war. Inserted in this issue of the Leatherneck are 24 pages of his sketches made of Marines on Pacific Island battlefronts. Cover of this Leatherneck issue is a Kerr Eby sketch depicting the use of a jeep as an ambulance during the Bougainville campaign.

Articles Inside:

Sound Off

Sidelights by Sgt. Richard Looman

Letter of Instruction – Service Rating System will affect Four out of every Five in Corps by Sgt. Richard C. Looman

Now That It’s Over – Going home to a civilian Life? Here are some of employment possibilities the government offers. By T/Sgt. Nolle T. Roberts and Corp. Bob Davis

Speech On Sulu – Here are some excerpts from a speech made in English by a Japanese colonel to a group of suspicious and warlike Moros during the Nips’ occupation of the island of Sulu in the Philippines. The speech was found by Corporal Alphonse Jacobot.

They Take Vanilla – Fifth Marines Ice Cream By Sgt. Ernie Harwell

The Preacher’s Persistence – The Heroic Actions of Sergeant Ross F. Gray ( Medal of Honor ) By Sgt. Bill Hengen

“Gherkin so solly, jungle not jolly” By PFC Gunther Gherkin

The Fabulous Taisho – The powers of this mystery man amazed fellow Marines as much as the Japs he pacified ( First Lieutenant Frederick “Tad” Van Brunt ). By Lieut Alan Shilin

How I took Manila By Sgt. Duane Decker

Fighting Professor ( Maj. Paul Douglas ) By Sgt. N. Anderson

Cannonball Support – Marine rocket planes played a stellar role in routing the Japs from cave strongholds. By Sgt. Don Braman

This one is on me… by Sgt. Francis Cronk

Pacific War Art – Kerr Eby, famed for drawings of first war, sketches Marine fighting in Pacific ( 24 pages of drawings ) by Lieut. Frank X. Tolbert

We the Marines edited by Corp. James Attlee Phillips

Gizmo and Eightball by Rhodes

Deep Six

Hashmark by Fred Lasswell

Casualties List 11 July 1945, through 10 August 1945 – Dead and Missing

Private Punchy’s Passing ( Mascot at Quantico ) By Sgt. John Conner

Where’s My 2000 Bucks? By Sgt. Fred Lasswell

Sports – US grid stars got a preview of Jap sneak tactics in 1934 tour. edited by Sgt. Ernie Harwell

Ghost Players ( Listed as KIA on Iwo Pvt. Harry Hughes and Corp. Ray Yochim )

A Chic Chick goes through Pin-up Paces – Patricia Kirkwood , Pictures and Story by Sgt. Robert C. Wilton

Leatherneck Laffs

The Dope Sheet