Leatherneck – Pacific Edition 1945 09 01 (PDF)



Vol. 3 No. 5

Cover: Artwork by Sgt. Fred Lasswell

Articles Inside:

Sound Off

Sidelights by Frank X. Tolbert

The Dope Sheet

Bloody Bottleneck – Ten times they were hurled back, but their next attack on Sugar Loaf was successful by Sgts Duane Decker and Stanley Fink

Scenic Routes in the Ryukyus

‘Greatest Show on Earth’ – Ringling circus of 1945 ( 12 page photo story ) Toujours Brooklyn by Sgt Henry Felson

Two War *BERG* ( William S. Berg ) by Sgt. Harold Foreman

Life Saver – Many Marine casualties of Pacific battlefronts have cheated death with blood shipped by plane from US by Sgt. Stanley Fink

They take their beating standing up ( Marine Stretcher Bearers ) Sgt. Joseph P. Donahue

Action At Low Altitude – One hour of battle seamed a century as a dead man rode the controls and the sea rushed up towards the plunging bomber by Lt. John Abney

The Yogi – the best built man in Maine ( Albert N. Bertrand ) by Pvt Allen Matthews

It was nobody’s fault – The Music wanted to be a combat correspondent by TSgt. Nolle T. Roberts

Gherkin’s Waikiki Landing – Gherkin hits the beach but fails to find Jap signs, except in lights by PFC Gunther Gherkin ( Sgt. Henry Felsen )

Roll Racket ( Mickey Finn ) by Sgt. Norman Kuhne

We the Marines edited by Sgt. John Connor

Leatherneck Laffs

The Case For The Overseas Moustache by Sgt. Duane Decker

Okinawan Minstrels – organized by SSgt. R. W. Whitaker by PFC Stanley R. Leppard

Leatherneck Pin-Up Girl – Jane Russell

Sports edited by Sgt. Elvis Lane

Combat, The Cat by Sgt. Harold Helfer

Okinawa Ration Board by SSgt. George E. McMillan