Leatherneck – Pacific Edition 1945 08 01 (PDF)



Vol. 3 No. 3

Cover: Artwork by Tom Lovell

Articles Inside:

Sound Off

Sidelights by Frank X. Tolbert

The Dope Sheet

Drive On Naha

A Marine Guerrilla’s Diary ( Reid Carlos Chamberlain – KIA on Iwo ) by Stanley Fink

Food on Wheels by Sgt. Harold Helfer

Like to own a Service Station? – First in a series on post-war opportunities by Frank X. Tolbert

A Japanese Speaks Up by Sgt. Harold Helfer

Flash Red – Condition Yellow by Sgt. Duane Decker

Some Facts on Demobilization

The Dope on Furloughs and Leaves

Lejeune Liberty by Sgt. Jerry Koepplinger

The Vanquished Race – Joseph Arens, artist ordered by Hitler to sketch Nazis, made these drawings

Party for the Kids by Sgt. Charles M. Platt

The Boys From Alligator Flats by Sgt. Bill Miller

Some Come Back – The Adventures of a pilot who bailed out amidst the Jap fleet by Capt. Earl J. Wilson

Betio Memorial

Divinity – In Dungarees by Sgt. Harold Helfer

Joe and Suzi by Sgt. Herman Kogan

We the Marines edited by Sgt. John Connor

Casualties List May 14, 1945 to June 15, 1945 – Dead and Missing

Bogey Broadcast by Sgt. Harold Helfer

Leatherneck Pin-Up Girl – Ann Miller

At Ease – News of the Entertainment World

Sports edited by Sgt. Ernie Harwell