Leatherneck – Pacific Edition 1945 07 15 (PDF)



Vol. 3 No. 2

Cover: Artwork by Sgt. Bill O’Brian

Articles Inside:

Sound Off

Sidelights by Frank X. Tolbert

The Dope Sheet

Marine Aviation from Wake to Okinawa ( 11 page photo report ) 

The Okinawan by Sgt. Harold Helfer

Manila Art by Sgt Paul Arlt ( 5 pages )

Shoulder Patches ( Authorized )

Reluctant Lady by Sgt. Harold Helfer

Personnel Attack or “Clean Sweep Down – Fore and Aft” ( Comic by Gy. Sgt. Grant Powers 5th Marines )

The Joint is Jumping by Sgt. Duane Decker

Look-Alike Marines – The Weiss Brothers by Sgt. Harold Helfer

We the Marines edited by PFC Bob Davis

Leatherneck Laffs

Leatherneck Pin-Up Girl – Lucille Bremer

At Ease – News of the Entertainment World

Sports edited by Sgt. Ernie Harwell