Leatherneck – Pacific Edition 1945 06 01 (PDF)



Vol. 2 No. 11 ……. Cover: Artwork by H. Koskinen ……. Articles Inside: ….. Sound Off ….. Assignment in Hell – The story of the Third Marine Division on Iwo Jima / By Sgt. John Conner ….. They Called It Death Valley – Author’s Note: This story is told by men of the Second Battalion, 27th Marines. Principal narrators are PlSgt. James Gibson, Jr., PlSgt. Steve Herschberger, Sgt. George Smallwood, GySgt. Jess W. Craft, Sgt. Harold E. Carr, Sgt. Robert R. Cavin, Sgt. Wilson A. McClain, Capt. William J. King and Lt. James P. Ronan. / By Sgt. Bill Miller ….. Malaria Man / By Sgt. Harold Helfer ….. Eightball – A batting slump is a dangerous thing when hitting fourth. / By Sgt. Duane Decker ….. Saipan Air Warning Horse / Corp. Harlow P. Merrick ….. Dynamite Duty – Disposal of deadly munitions and weapons that litter a passed-over battlefield is a thankless job, and one that calls for steel nerves / Photos by Sgt. Robert Wilton and Story by Sgt. John Conner ….. The “Recon Boys” at Majuro – Editor’s note: Many of the Marshallese have relatives on Islands still held by the Japanese. For this reason, fictitious names have been given Mr. Jefferson and the other natives mentioned in this story. This is the first announcement that Jones’ Recon Boys were first to take territory held by the Nippers before Pearl Harbor. Many details, however, have been deleted. / By Sgt. Frank X. Tolbert ….. Glamour on Guam – Twelve of the island’s representative young women. / Photos by Sgt. Robert Wilton, Leatherneck Photographer ….. Keys to the Kingdom – The best souvenir you can bring home is your dog tags with neck attached! ( Cartoons ) / By Fred Lasswell ….. The Misadventures of John K – The yarn of an ape who served in both the American and Nip Marines / By Sgt. Frank X. Tolbert with artwork by De Grasse ….. Silver Magnet / By Bryce Walton, USCGR ….. Motoyama Airfield No. 1 – Iwo Jima’s airstrip already is paying for itself in the war on Japan / Photos by Sgt. Robert Wilton, PHOM2/c Reford Gravell ….. Toward the Ridge – Only nine of these scouts-snipers had seen any front line combat, but on Iwo they learned fast / By Bryce Walton, SP3/c USCG ….. What Does a Marine Look Like? / By Sgt. Frank X. Tolbert with artwork by Sgt. John R. McDermott ….. Marianas Mop Up – The search for Japs in hiding must go on long after newly-won Pacific isles are secured / Photos by Sgt. Robert Wilton ….. We the Marines / Edited by Corp. Henry Felsen ….. Gizmo and 8-Ball “Classification” / By Rhoads ….. Deep Six ….. Hashmark ( Comic Strip ) By Fred Lasswell ….. Leatherneck Laffs ….. The Triumphant Comeback of Private Peepsight – You could see Peepsight was a genius the minute he walked on the court / By Sgt. Harold Helfer ….. Loneliest Marine / T/Sgt. Chester D. Palmer, Jr. ….. Leatherneck Pin-Up Girl – Ann Sheridan ….. At Ease – News of the Entertainment World ….. Leatherneck Sports / Edited by Corp. Ernie Harwell ….. Casualties List March 16, 1945 to April 12, 1945 – Dead and Missing ….. Back Home edited by Corp. Ernie Harwell ….. The Bulletin Board ….. “Organized Sports” ( Cartoon )