Leatherneck – Pacific Edition 1945 05 01 (PDF)



Vol. 2 No. 9

Cover: Artwork by Fred Lasswell

Articles Inside:

Sound Off ….. Broadway Report ( 11 page photo story on Show Girls ) ….. D-Day on Iwo Jima by Bryce Walton SP3/c ….. My Life and Hard Times in A Casual Company by Sgt. Duane Decker ….. 32 Months a Jap Prisoner by WO J. B. Shimel ….. Victory Line – TAG pilots look forward to the day they’ll land their cargo planes in Japan ( Transport Air Group ) by Sgt. James J. McElroy ….. Kwan Marine Friend ….. In the Wake of War – Battered Guam rapidly is being transformed from ruins into a mighty military base by Seabees by Sgt John Conner ….. Saigon Strike – The Third Fleet’s raid on Indo-China gave Marines flying from carriers their first big crack at the Japs by Lt. Hal Goodwin ….. Guns Before Ormoc – Marine artillerymen played a powerful part in the battle of Leyte by Sgt John Conner ….. We the Marines edited by Corp. Henry Felsen ….. Leatherneck Laffs ….. Croc’ Hunt ( Philippines ) Photos by Corp. Robert E. Ewin ….. Emerging Literati by Bryce Walton, SP3c ….. The Three Indestructibles ( Corp. Robert J. Blaha, PFC Marvin E. Atchison and PFC William J. Micklick ) by Sgt. George H. Mattie ….. Back Home edited by Corp. Ernie Harwell ….. Sports edited by Sgt. Ernie Harwell