Leatherneck – Pacific Edition 1944 10 15 (PDF)



Vol. 1 No. 8 ……. Cover: Gwendolyn the Gooney / Artwork by Anthony ……. Articles Inside: ….. Gwendolyn / By Sgt. Frank X. Tolbert ….. Sound Off ….. Salvage Pays Off / By T/Sgt. Paul G. Long ….. Welcome Home! ( 1st Marine Division ) – A Goup of the First Division arrives home after 26 months of fighting in the South Pacific ….. Doubling in Brass – Marine Corps bandsmen are proud of their musical prowness and of the record they have made in combat in this conflict. / By Sgt. I. R. McVay ….. Landing on Tinian – When the war in the Pacific shrinks to a foxhole even the cooks and field musics quit their jobs and snatch rifles. / By Sgt. Gilbert P. Bailey ….. Post-War Planning Made Easy / By Sgt. Ben Goldberg ….. Memorial on Saipan – War to Evan was a grim trade — to Emerick it was more of a game / By Sgt. Vic Kalman ….. First Freight into Saipan – Colonel MacIntyre and his Flying Elephants put Saipan on Main Line of Central Pacific’s Milk Run. / By Frank X. Tolbert ….. Trucking to Truk – A Marine accompanies a crew of Navy fliers on a bombing raid on Japan’s strongly fortified island outpost / By S/Sgt. Gerald D. Gordon ….. Crowe’s Feats – Some yarns about a fabulous Marine Corps officer who denies the report that he recently was buried at sea in the Pacific / By Frank X. Tolbert ….. Cap Happy Macs ( Classifying Marines on how they wore their caps ) / By T/Sgt. Vic Donahue ….. Eager Beavers ( Women Marines ) ….. Flight Deck Traffic Cops / By T/Sgt. Hal Goodwin ….. A Sea Marine at Salerno – Marines aboard warships have seen much action in all theaters ….. The Straight Dope ….. Leatherneck Laffs ( Cartoons ) ….. We the Marines / Edited by Sgt. Hal Bergman ….. Gizmo and 8-Ball ….. Deep Six ….. Hashmark ( Comic Strip ) By Fred Lasswell ….. Some Pilots Have the Goofiest Superstitions ….. Movie Capital – Guadalcanal’s 150 theaters are wonder of South Pacific / By Sgt. Alvin M. Josephy, Jr. ….. Leatherneck Pin-Up Girl – Gloria DeHaven ….. At Ease – News of the Entertainment World ….. Casualties List July 15, 1944 to August 15, 1944 – Dead and Missing ….. Back Home ….. European Theater ….. Leatherneck Sports / Edited by Sgt. Ray Moulden