Leatherneck – Pacific Edition 1944 10 01 (PDF)



Vol. 1 No. 7

Cover: Cover Art by artist Sgt Pat Denman

Articles Inside:

Sound Off ….. Reunion on Guam ….. An L.O.P. and a Prayer ( Marine Navgators ) by PFC Gilbert E. Busch ….. Radio Kwajalein ….. Mix and Turner: Two Against the Sea ( Pvt. John Mix and PFC James Turner ) ….. Date Down Under ….. Sweating it out with SWETT ( Corsair Ace Zeke Swett ) by Lt. Jack De Chant ….. Guam Bound ….. Peters’ Sketchpad ( Marine Air Wing Activies by artist Corp. Donald A. Peters ….. Nuts to You by Sgt. John Conner ….. Knock It Off by Pvt Duane Decker ….. Dear “Miss Fixit” ….. Men of the Corps ( PFC Carl Estep, PFC Edward A. Swanson, PFC Frank J. Pohana and PFC John E. Castilloux ) ….. How’s Your IQ ….. Trapped in Dead Gulch by Edward F. Ruder ….. We the Marines edited by Sgt. Hal Bergman ….. South Pacific Fun by D. Shinew ….. Leatherneck Pin-Up Girl – Betty Bryant ….. At Ease – News of the Entertainment World ….. Back Home ….. Sports edited by Sgt. Ray Moulden