Kelly Field – A Camera Trip Through Kelly Field – Texas (PDF)



The Story of Kelly Field ……. Kelly Field, until its conversion a few months ago, was one of the most famous pilot training schools in the United States. It was the “Mother of the Air Corps” to the courageous flyers who are now pounding the Fortress Europe into the ground. But on March 11, 1943, it ceased to function as a training center, merged with its neighbor, Duncan Field, and became an integral part of the Air Service Command. Its task changed overnight from training men to supplying and maintaining the planes those men have to fly. It is a tremendous task, but the military and civilian personnel working in the huge engineering shops, the depot supply warehouses and the offices of the Field are equal to the demands placed upon them in this state of acute emergency. They are working night and day to “Keep Them Flying.” This book attempts to tell part of the story of each man’s activities here: the comfortable living quarters, the soldierly routine, the recreational facilities, the opportunities for church going, good libraries for enlisted men and officers, and of course, the vital story of supplying the world’s best Air Force and to keep them aloft.