Junior Scholastic Vol. 15 No. 08


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October 30, 1944 ……. Cover: Animals of the Southwest Pacific ……. Articles Insides: Greece Liberated

The Dumbarton Oaks Plan – United Nations in Peace

The Candidates – John William Bricker

U.S. Planes Raid Island of Formosa

Two Great Americans ( Die ) Alfred E. Smith and Wendell Willkie

Air Week Tremendous Package of Power ( Thunderbolt )

Thunderbolt Tunnel Buster – Major Bill Benedict

Rare Animals of the Southwest Pacific

A Bib and Tuck Story Top Man on a Battleship ( Captain Rhea of the USS Nevada )

Science and Invention G.I. Flammenwerfer

Builders of America James Madison ( 1751 – 1836 ) “Father of the Constitution”

Sports – Pigskin Traditions

Victory Quiz

Improve Your Vocabulary

Movie Checkup

News X Word

Joke of the Week

Black “Cat” Nips Nip – “Black Cat” and PT Attack Operation