Junior Scholastic Vol. 15 No. 04


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October 2, 1944 ……. Cover: Marines Make Music – Corporal Philip Mancini, of Milford, Mass., plays a piano, found on Guam, for Marines of his pack howitzer unit, stationed in the town of Agat. ( U.S. Marine Corps photo, from Harris & Ewing ) ……. Articles Insides:

Armored Division Leads the Way

The Marianas – Base for our Superforts

Post War Problems – Demobilization

Roosevelt, Churchill In Quebec Conference

Air Week 19-Year-Old Inventor Flies His “Hiller-copter”

Builders of America – Marquis De Lafayette ( 1757 – 1834 ) Champion of American Freedom

A Bib and Tuck Story Alligators of the Navy

Science and Invention The Riddle of Poliomyelitis


New Movies

Movie Checkup

Last Gob on Guam

News X Word

Some Fun

Joke of the Week

Victory Quiz

Estimate Concentrate Devastate! – Fighter Curve of Pursuit Tactic