Junior Scholastic Vol. 15 No. 03


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September 25, 1944 ……. Cover: French Boy Joins U.S. Chow Line – U.S. Infantry company in bivouac area, near Soissons, France, invites French Lad to share noonday meal. ( Official U.S. Signal Corps photo, from Harris & Ewing ) ……. Articles Insides:

The Battle of Germany


Science and Invention DDT Danger! Deadly Toxin

Builders of America Patrick Henry ( 1736 – 1799 ) “Give me Liberty….”

Air Week Peace Has Wings!

Plane Speaking by Sam Burger

24 Hours of a Bomber Pilot by One of Them ( Part II )

Sports – September Salutes

Movie Checkup

Victory Quiz

Improve Your Vocabulary

News X Word

Some Fun

Joke of the Week