Junior Scholastic Vol. 14 No. 15 (PDF)


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May 15-20, 1944 ……. Cover: “Young American” – prize winning Scholastic Awards photo ……. Articles Insides:

From Tom-Tom to Walkie Talkie

Japs on Run In New Guinea

Both Sides Prepare As Invasion Looms

World Labor Chiefs Meet in Philadelphia

Army Takes Over Montgomery Ward

Russia – Our Mighty Ally

Kolka and His Gang – True Story of a Russian Boy Hero

Air Week – We Study the Enemy

Jap Armament Poor

Plane Eats Plane! Need Spare Parts

Tiny Motor Turns 120,000 r.p.m.

Student Writers and Artists Triumph in Scholastic Awards

Letters from Our Readers

Victory Quiz

Improve Your Vocabulary

What’s New In Science

Letters from Girls in the Services – WAVE Betty Sugarman Yeoman 3rd Class

Some Fun

Joke of the Week

News X Word

Fly…High and Spy – Scout Observation