Junior Scholastic Vol. 14 No. 09 (PDF)


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April 3-8, 1944 ……. Cover: Kid Salesman Rides High – Eleven-year-old Carl J. Buehler, of Verona, N. J. shaking hands with Brig. General William E. Farthing from the door of the Flying Fortress “Hell’s Angels” in which Carl went for a ride – his prize for selling $87,909 in War Bonds. ……. Articles Insides:

Cassino Disappears

Other War Fronts

Erie – Allies Want Ireland’s Cooperation

Letter from New Brunswick

They Fought For Freedom – Carl Schurz ( 1829 – 1906 ) Soldier and Statesman

Victory Quiz

Improve Your Vocabulary

“How to Play Softball”

Air Week – The Golden Goose and Teamwork

V-Man – “Tooey” Spaatz

Sports – Don Budge

New Movies

Movie Checkup

Letters from Our Readers

News X Word

Joke of the Week

And Out he Goes – Anti-Submarine Tactic