Junior Scholastic Vol. 14 No. 08 (PDF)


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March 27 – April 1, 1944 ……. Cover: Transporting the Global War – Cover photograph: Convoy leaving a U.S. East coast port, headed for Britain, loaded with material for invasion ……. Articles Insides:

Bombs on Berlin

Eire’s Neutrality

War Fronts

France – Freedom Lost Will Be Won Again

V-Men – France’s First in War ( General de Gaulle )

Kaiser the Speedster

Air Week – Bigger Busters – New Giant Bomb Weighs Six Tons

They Fought For Freedom – George A. Custer ( 1839 – 1876 ) Hero of Two Wars

Wheels and Wings for Victory – The Battle of Transportation

Transporting the Global War – Delivering the Goods and the Men on Time!

Victory Quiz

Bib and Tuck – The March Hare Hop


Some Fun

Joke of the Week

News X Word