Junior Scholastic Vol. 14 No. 05 (PDF)


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March 6-11, 1944 ……. Cover: Soldiers In White – American soldiers are being trained to fight anywhere, under all kinds of climatic conditions. Photo shows complete snow camouflage job on Lieut. Rex M. Sorenson, of West Hollywood, Calif.; and PFC Obie Gilbert, of Des Moines, Iowa. (Wide World photo) ……. Articles Insides:

Storming the Marshalls

It Had to be Done – Monte Cassino

Enough to Win

Enough to Eat

Finland – They Call It Suomi

The Merchant Mariner – A true Bib and Tuck story

Global Mailbag – Letters from Russia

Letters from our Readers

They Fought For Freedom – Thomas J. Jackson ( 1824 – 1863 ) “Stonewall” of the South

Victory Quiz

Japs Have a New Zero – It’s a “Killer” But Thin-Skinned

Improve Your Vocabulary

Movie Checkup

Some Fun

Joke of the Week

News X Word


Explorer in Microchemistry – The Story of Herman Liebhafsky