Junior Scholastic Vol. 14 No. 02 (PDF)


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February 14-19, 1944 ……. Cover: Russians Advancing on Ukrainian Front – (Official U.S.S.R. photo from Sovfoto) Russian infantrymen push ahead through knee-deep snow to drive German rearguard and snipers from a village in the Ukraine. ……. Articles Insides:

Roads to Rome

Down Argentine Way

Highest Honor for Hero ( Lt. David C. Waybur )

Bolivia Boils

V-Man – Top Marine ( Gen. Vandergrift )

Bielorussia and the Ukraine

They Fought For Freedom – Matthew F. Maury ( 1806 – 1873 ) “Pathfinder of the Seas”

Pitch Determines the Bite – Some New Angles on Propellers

New Mustang Rides Herd on Nazis

Victory Quiz

TIC-TOC By Marion Renick

Global Mailbag – Letters from Manitoba

Letters from our Readers

New Movies

Movie Checkup

Sports – Mr. Dodds Goes to Town

Joke of the Week

Some Fun

News X Word