Junior Scholastic Vol. 14 No. 01 (PDF)


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February 7-12, 1944 ……. Cover: Yanks in Action – Marine gun crew firing 75-mm. howitzer during Cape Gloucester battle on New Britain. Rainstorm gives photo misty quality. ……. Articles Insides:

A Magnificent Fool

Dogs Get Medals

Poland Fights – As Russians Dive Nazis Back, Poles Struggle For Freedom

Columbia Declares War

The Story of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address – Lincoln Thought He Had Failed

Hottest Crate in Aviation – Popularly Called “The Squirt”

They Fought For Freedom – Marcus Whitman ( 1806 – 1847 ) Pioneer and Missionary

Victory Quiz

Hop…Skip…and Sunk – How B-25 Mitchell Bombers used a new technique to sink Jap war vessels and troopships

Miracles Ahead! – Television

Bib and Tuck – Girl Test Pilot ( Elizabeth Hooker )


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