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Vol. LVII No. 6 ……. Cover: Christmas Eve at Bastogne. Drawn by Technical Sergeant Olin Dows. ……. Inside Articles: …

Christmas Message. By General Jacob L. Devers


Christmas Eve at Bastogne. By Colonel S. L. A. Marshall. Assisted by Captain John G. Westover and Lieutenant A. Joseph Webber

The Value of the Chips. By Robert Strautz-Hupe

The Infantry Soldier. By the Honorable Robert P. Patterson

The Minds of Men in Battle. By Captain William L. Grossman

Combat Psychiatry on Okinawa

The Semantics of War Correspondence. By Sergeant Tacitus

Dollar’s Last Stand. By Lieutenant Keith Hubbard

Beware of the Hump. By Major David E. Milotta

Today’s Rockets. By Colonel A. R. MacKechnie

Ages of the Commanders

Marked For Annihilation by Air. By Captain George R. Wagner

Front of the Infantry. ( Pictures )

Arrest and Confinement. By Lieutenant Colonel Irvin Waldman

PI Teams Aid Patrols. By Lieutenant Edwin Hartrich

International Military Survey. Is War Primarily a Matter of Weapons? ( Review by Brigadier General Donald Armstrong )


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