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Vol. LVII No. 5 ……. Cover: Last Winter in Europe (See pages 42-45). ( Signal Corps Photo ) ……. Inside Articles: …

Broader Experience For the Leader

Why the Japs Gave Up. By Major Argus

The Rise and Fall of the Jap Empire ( Maps )

‘Don’t Fence Me In.’ By Brigadier General Elliot D. Cooke

For the Common Defense. By General of the Army George C. Marshall

For Justice and Peace. By the Honorable Henry L. Stimson

Paratroops Over Sicily. By Major General James M. Gavin

The SOP Of Brigadier General Du Cane. By Major General J. F. C. Fuller

Radar For Ground Forces. By Lieutenant John H. Caldwell

Old Grads, New Style. By Chief Warrant Officer E. J. Kahn, Jr.

Last Winter In Europe ( Pictures )

A Professor Looks At An Army University. By P. B.

Kickless Cannon

Plan For Victory

Three Stars and Up — Part V. By Colonel Frederick Bernays Wiener


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