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Vol. LVII No. 2 ……. Cover: The War in the Pacific ……. Inside Articles: …

Japan Explains Her War. By Major H. A. DeWeerd

Hacksaw Ridge On Okinawa. By Captain Lauren K. Soth

How We Boarded Fort Drum. By Brigadier General W. F. Heavey

Corregidor Coordination. By Lieutenant Colonel E. M. Postlethwait

On Top Of Malinta Hill

Training Films on the Pacific War

Battle Facts For Your Outfit

Combat Differences. By Janus

We Were Ready. By Captain M. O. Becker

Jap Defensive Tactics – Attu to Okinawa. By Lieutenant Colonel R. C. Williams, Jr. Night Attacks in the Philippines. By Colonel Frank J. Sackton

The Naval Strategy of the Pacific War. By Lieutenant Bernard Brodie, USNR

Some Japs Surrender. By Technical Sergeant Alvin M. Josephy, Jr., USMCR

Understanding the Chinese. By The Honorable Walter H. Judd, MC

Air Mastery In the Far East. By Major Ben J. Grant

Keeping Your Mind in Shape. By Marjorie Van de Water


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