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Vol. LVII No. 1 ……. Cover: Machine Gunners in the Ryukyus ( Official Navy Photo ) ……. Inside Articles:

First to Find the Proofs

Tanks and Doughboys

Hill 40. By Lieutenant Colonel Frank J. Sackton

Assault Along the Ridges . By Lieutenant R. W. Komer

Battle Facts For Your Outfit

The Pillbox is a Tomb. By Lieutenant Colonel John E. Kelly

Jap Bunkers

Caliber .50 Machine Guns for Indirect Fire. By Captain Ian F. Turner

Horse Sense. By Captain H. James Fagan

The Church at Saarlouis-Roden. By Lieutenant Samuel J. Tobin

Timely Reconnaissance

Keep it Simple. By Lieutenant Lee Matthews

Road Blocks. By Brigadier General R. I. Stack

When in Doubt – Shoot. By Lieutenant Glenn J. Duman

Facts from a Foxhole. By Lieutenant Joseph H. Ewing

Three Stars and Up — Part II. By Colonel Frederick Bernays Wiener

Division Air Photographer. By Lieutenant Roy N. Landon

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

Never a Dull Moment. By Captain Thomas C. Roberts

In Praise Of Infantry. By Field Marshal Viscount Wavell

The Infantry’s Part. From the London Times

Bridgehead At X. By Colonel William C. Hall

The Bridging Of The Roer. Drawings by Technician Fifth Grade Henry Jay MacMillan

Movement Control. By Major Chester J. Moeglein


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