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Vol. LVI No. 3 ……. Cover: Command Post in Europe ( Signal Corps photo ) ……. Inside Articles: …

The Job of the Infantry

One Step Westward. By a Battalion Commander

Battle Facts For Your Outfit

Bougainville Pay-Off. By Captain Jack M. Tucker

Don’t Cry “Medic.” By Lieutenant Joseph C. Raymond

Why Not Tanks? By Lieutenant Colonels Roy E. Moore and Lyle W. Bernard

Bazookas on Biak

From the 29th Infantry Division

No Close Air Support, Please. By Lieutenant Colonel Robert E. Cushman, Jr. USMC

Your Enemy: The Jap. By Colonel A. G. Foxx

Give it to Them. By Lieutenant Charles T. Lloyd

First Day of Battle. By Private H. M. Walton

It’s,a Tough Racket

Charge. By Lieutenant Colonel Fred L. Walker, Jr.

Oriental Obliteration

German Defensive Positions

Behind the German Lines

The Indian Army. By Lieutenant Colonel James W. Bellah

Squad and Platoon Battle Drill

GI Newspaper. By Sergeant Don Robinson

International Military Survey

For Those Coming Back. ( A review by G. V. )

When the Red Army Attacks a City. By Major Q


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