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Vol. LVI No. 2 ……. Cover: Riflemen on Leyte. ( Signal Corps ) ……. Inside Articles: …

How Much Infantry?

The Second Battle Of Bougainville. By Captain John C. Guenther

Battle Facts For Your Outfit

Saipan Caveman. By Lieutenant Colonel W. M. Van Antwerp

Divide and Conquer. By Captain James B. Lyle

The A&P Platoon in Combat. By Captain John F. Loosbrock

Pacific Specifics

Plan Your Patrols

Hot Baths and Clean Clothes. By Corporal Bill Barrett and Sergeant George Tapscott

Supplying the Seventh Army. By Technical Sergeant Milton Lehman

Direct-Eire Support. By Lieutenant Colonel John L. Powers

All-Around Defense. By Captain Joel W. Westbrook

Shell-Hole Galleries. By Captain E. H. Klein

Tenting Tonight?

Siege Methods: 1945 — Part II. By Lieutenant Colonel Fred L. Walker, Jr.

Package Commander. By Lieutenant J. M. Culligan

CP Or Not CP? By Sergeant Albert L. Sobl

Why He Fights. By Staff Sergeant Peter H. Weidenreich

The Jap Fighting Man. By Major Eugene A. Wright

The GI’s Morale. By Chaplain Harold P. O’Gara

By Gas and By Guide. By Captain H. James Pagan

The Army in Europe. By Walter Uppmann


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