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Vol. LV No. 4 ……. Cover: Patrol in Italy ( Signal Corps Photo ) ……. Inside Articles: …

From Every Battle

Hedgerow Fighting

How We Cleaned Out the Hedgerows. By Captain Donald E. Bovee

Baptism in the Hedgerows, By Major Henry Grady Spencer

It Takes Marksmanship. By W. F. Shadel

Three Days With the 3d Battalion By Lieutenant Colonel William T. Gayle

It Takes Fire and Movement

Fighting In France

Battle Facts For Your Outfit

Hide That Gun. By Lieutenant H. James Pagan

The Song of the Infantry. By Sheldon Clark

That Damned Smoke Again. By Lieutenant Colonel Walter A. Guild

Write the Message Right. By Colonel Alfred E. McKenney

Getting Full Value from the BAR. By Lieutenant Edwin Kahn

Patrolling in Italy. By Lieutenant Colonel Elias C. Townsend

Load ’em Right When You Roll. By Lieutenant H. James Pagan

Ordeal by Fire. By Lieutenant Colonel S. L. A. Marshall

Long Range Penetration Groups. By Lieutenant Colonel James W. Bellah

Orientation is People. By Private Theodore Draper

The Age Effect in Maps. By Colonel W, C. Hall

International Military Survey


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