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Vol. LV No. 2 ……. Cover: Machine Gunners ( Photo by Signal Corps, U. S. Army ) ……. Inside Articles: …

All the Luck is There

Critique After Battle: Kwajalein

Kwajalein Day-By-Day

One Day On Kwajalein. By Lieutenant Colonel S. L. A. Marshall

Beachhead Battle (Pictures)

Battle Facts For Your Outfit

Learning How on the Front. By Major James S. Metcalfe

The Jungle is a Friend. By Lieutenant R. D. Powers

Machine Guns and Mortars in the Jungle. By Lieutenant Colonel George O. Van Orden, USMC

German Forest Ambushes. By Major N. Kostrov, Red Army

A Platoon Sergeant on Attu. By Technical Sergeant Manford Lauderdale

Sniper Plays Dead

Pythagoras Goes Amphibious. By Captain Eugene R. Guild

Have a Fire Plan. By Lieutenant Colonel Ellas C. Townsend

Schooling Between Battles. By Major James S. Metcalfe

Smoke Over the Volturno

Staff Officer. By Lieutenant Colonel James W. Bellah

Day Of The Doughboy

We Were Infantry Privates. By Private Henry McLemore

On The Way. By Captain N. L. Drummond



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