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Vol. LIV No. 5 ……. Cover: Flamethrower. Signal Corps Kodachrome by Sergeant Frank S. Errigo and Corporal Ardean Miller III ……. Inside Articles:

Bombs and Battle Pay

Battle Facts For Your Outfit

Position in Depth. By Major James B. Carvey

The Fight For a Hill. By Technical Sergeant Milton Lehman

Is Your OP OK? By Lieutenant Donald E. Bovee

Keep ’em Inspected. By Colonel W. S. Conrow

‘They Will Find My Door Open’

Cassino (Pictures)

The Second Battle of Henderson Field. By Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Baglien

Ten Days A Nazi Prisoner — Part I. By Lieutenant X

Medical Aid On Bougainville (Pictures)

Twelve Rules for Meeting Battle Fear. By Dr. John Dollard

Armor and Counter Armor — Part III. By Major General J. F. C. Fuller

Synthetic Tires

Valor: 2d Battalion, 60th Infantry — 41st Infantry Division

How To Teach Elementary Map Reading. By Major Robert B. Rigg


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