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Vol. LIII No. 6 ……. Cover Design: 81mm. Mortar – Signal Corps Kodachrome by Sergeant Frank S. Errigo and Corporal Ardean Miller III. ……. Inside Articles: …

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Infantry In Today’s Battles

Battle Facts For Your Outfit

The Jap is not Mysterious! By Captain Eugene A. Wright and Lieutenant Michael Mitchell

Nazi Defense of a Pass. By Captain William B. Larson

The Attu Jap Was Not Brave

The Eighth Army in Sicily

Axis Radio Propaganda in Tunisia. By Private Julian N. Jablin

Sniping and Antisniping. By Staff Sergeant Robert Thompson.

Action At Salerno. By Lieutenant Colonel Norman Hussa

Timoshenko And The Defensive Phase Of The War. By Captain H. A. DeWeerd

Prisoners Of The Master Race By Lieutenant John Mason Brown

Antiaircraft Ashore

Knife Fighting. By Major Rex Applegate

Liaison. By Lieutenant Colonel James Warner Bellah

Amphibious Training. By Brigadier General Prank A. Keating

International Military Survey

The Evolution of Total War. A Review by Dr. Herbert Rosinski

Pearl Harbor Had to Happen. A Review. By Lieutenant Colonel James Warner Bellah

Street Fighting Tactics. By Lieutenant General V. 1. Chuykov


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Private Li’L Abner, Infantry. By Al Capp

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