Infantry Journal 1945 10 (PDF)


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Vol. LVII No. 4 ……. Cover: Some Foot Soldiers Ride. ( Photo by Signal Corps )……. Inside Articles:

Once Again

“Sweeping.” By Major Irving Heymont

Science and Security. By Dr. Vannevar Bush

The Hot Corner at Dom Bütgenbach. By Captain Donald E. Rivette

Filipino Pony Express. By Lieutenant Colonel E. M. Postlethwait

Leadership is Mostly Guts. By Colonel Silverleaves

The Raid on Los Baños. By Lieutenant Colonel Louis A. Walsh

The Leader’s New Job

Tanks Over The Mountain. By Lieutenant Colonel Eben F. Swift

The Psychology of Surrender. By Lieutenant Theodore Draper

Keep Those 81s Pitching. By Lieutenant Mark Melhado

Three Stars and Up — Part IV. By Colonel Frederick Bernays Wiener

Mule Artillery. By John Phoenix

International Military Survey – The New Power and the Age-Old Principles. – A Review by Brigadier General Donald Armstrong

Shoestring Ridge — Part II. By Colonel John M. Finn


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