Infantry Journal 1945 09 (PDF)


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Vol. LVII No. 3 ……. Cover: Coming off of an LCI. ( Official U.S. Navy Photo ) ……. Inside Articles:

The Noncom

The Tank-Infantry Section. By Major General Orlando Ward

Jungle Of Stone. By Technical Sergeant Alvin M Josephy, Jr., USMCR

Heads Up! By Lieutenant Thomas L. Dalrymple

Battle Facts For Your Outfit

Assault Detachment. By Lieutenant Terry O’Regan

No Flash, No Smoke, No Noise. By Captain Melvin M. Johnson, USMCR

Facts from a Foxhole. By Sergeant Boondocks

The A&P Platoon in Combat. By Sergeant Harold Burger

Dig, Drain, Ditch. By Master Sergeant Jim Connell

Aid Station in Town-to-Town Combat. By Captain Douglas Lindsey

Fighting Tanks Isn’t Easy. By Captain H. James Pagan

Antitankers on Leyte

The Jap Digs In

Hara-Kiri On Wings

Bushido. By Major Homer J. Colman

Three Stars and Up — Part III. By Colonel Frederick Bernays Wiener

Help From the Air. By Captain James B. L. Rush

We Never Think Of Failure. By A Battalion Commander

Shoestring Ridge — Part I. By Colonel John M. Finn

Infantry Scout Dogs. By Colonel Frank J. Sackton


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