Infantry Journal 1945 05 (PDF)




Vol. LVI No. 5, 86 pages

Cover: Infantry in the Jungle ( Signal Corps Kodachrome )

Inside Articles:

It Takes A Man

Battle In The Bulge. By Sergeant Theodore Draper

Battalion Surgeon, Infantry. By Captain Amos Cahan

Battle Facts For Your Outfit

Action Was Light. By Lieutenant Stuart Novins

Jap Ambushes

Raid on Schierwaldenrath. By a Battalion Commander

The M51 in Ground Support

Supporting Weapons and High Ground. By Captain Alexander M. Worth, Jr.

New Weapons for New Tactics. By Lieutenant Colonel Fred L. Walker, Jr.

Where Are Those Machine Guns? By Lieutenant Colonel Robert C. Williams, Jr.

S-2 at Work. By Lieutenant T. W. Alton, Jr.

Doughboys’ Rest Camp

Combat Fatigue. By Lieutenant Irvin M. Kent

The Red Army’s Small Arms. By Lieutenant Garrett Underbill

Crossing The Rapido. By Lieutenant Colonel John L. Powers

The Battle Of Sened Station — Part II. By Captain Lauren E. McBride


“The Infantry Says”

To The Editors


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