Infantry Journal 1945 04 (PDF)




Vol. LVI No. 4  66 pages

Cover: Infantry in Europe ( Signal Corps photo ) ……. Inside Articles: …

The Big Shift

Forest Fighting. By Lieutenant Colonel Milton L. Rosen

Release At Cabanatuan. By Lieutenant Colonel Henry A. Mucci

The Men Who Carry the Ball. By General Joseph W. Stilwell

Battle Facts For Your Outfit

Shoot, Soldier! By Lieutenant Colonel Roy E. Moore

Division Wants Prisoners: Patrol Along the Wyler Meer. By Private First Class David H. Whittier

You Can’t Believe Your Eyes

Psychoneurosis and Leadership. By Captain Morton C. Wyatt

The Battle of Sened Station — Part I. By Captain Lauren E. McBride

Preparing the Mind for Battle. By Major Donald R. Roberts and Captain Edmund H. Torkelson

The Road Back to the Philippines

German Machine Guns. By W. H. B. Smith

Chow Talk


“The Infantry Says”

To The Editors

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Book Reviews

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