Infantry Journal 1944 11 (PDF)




Vol. LV No. 5

86 pages

Cover: Check Off ( Signal Corps Photo ) ……. Inside Articles:

The Infantry: Its Always There

Battle Facts For Your Outfit

Tell it to the Cannoneers. By Major Arthur J. Peterson

Reverse Slopes. By Colonel A. G. Foxx

First Combat Impressions. By Lieutenant Pacific

Tips on Heavy Mortars. By Lieutenant John J. Neofes

The New German Carbine. By W. H. B. Smith

The Guy Who Can Do It

What the Germans Think of Us

Tank Destroyers in Direct Support. By Colonel J. P. Barney, Jr.

Battle Patrol. By Lieutenant Colonel Roy E. Moore

Not According to Hoyle. By Lieutenant Colonel William T. Gayl

Man With A Fogy. By Sergeant Sertorius

D-Day Diary. Anonymous. — Part I.

Sea Power In Modern War. By Lieutenant Bernard Brodie USNR

The Navy Fights, Too. ( Pictures )

Soldiers – Medal of Honor recipients: First Lieutenant Arnold L. Bjorklund , Captain Arlo L. Olson and Technician Fifth Grade Eric G. Gibson

Action At the Pigpen ( Ebeye Island ). By Lieutenant Colonel S. L. A. Marshall

International Military Survey : Peace With Power: Two Realistic Books Review by Lieutenant Bernard Brodie USNR

Honor Roll


To The Editors


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Book Reviews

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