Infantry Journal 1944 09 (PDF)




Vol. LV No. 3

Cover: Doughboy on New Guinea ( Acme photo by Frank Prist )

Inside Articles:

Discipline and Lives

Battle Facts For Your Outfit

Faid Pass. By Major James S. Carvey

Wire Party. ( Pictures )

Fire and Movement. By Lieutenant Kenneth W. Hill

Crossing the Volturno. By Captain Lauren E. McBride

Artillery Target-Getting. By Major General Orlando Ward

Tanks and Tactics on Arundel Island

Service Company in the Battlefield. By Major Buford S. Kirtley

Master Race in France. ( Pictures )

Hill 223. By Captain William B. Larson

A Private in Italy Writes. By Private Hudd W. Humphreys

Chance Island. By Lieutenant Colonel S. L. A. Marshall

SAIPAN. ( Pictures )


The Colonel In The Foxhole. By Lieutenant Sterling M. Jessup

Fighting The Uncommon Cold

The Soldier’s Newspaper. By Sergeant Don Robinson

German Smoke Tactics. By Brigadier General Alden H. Waitt


To The Editors


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