Infantry Journal 1944 07 (PDF)




Vol. LV No. 1

Cover: Medal of Honor ……. Inside Articles:

Plenty More

House Party In Jerryland. By Lieutenant Colonel William P. Yarborough

Hollandia (Pictures)

Battle Facts For Your Outfit

You’re Part of the Infantry. By Lieutenant Donald G. Taggart

Your Own Forward Observer. By Captain N. L. Drummond

Just Damn Good Riflemen. By W. F. Shadel

Marksmanship in the Jungle. By Lieutenant Colonel George O. Van Orden. USMC

We Didn’t Break All the Rules. By Lieutenant Colonel Joseph S. Burnett, as told to Lieutenant L. R. Barnhill

On the Defense. By Lieutenant Colonel A. O. Connor

Field Experience. By Major E. S. DeLong, Jr.

Thirteen Man Squad

Stilwell’s Chinese Offensive. By Lieutenant Colonel James W. Bellah


Singing Soldiers. By Private Frederick C. Zorn

International Military Survey

Tank Wedges. By Lieutenant Colonel Kolomeitzeff

German Noncom Schools. By Lieutenant Fuhrkop

Air Force in the Philippines. ( Review by D.V. )

The Old Army in the New. ( Review by Tec 4 John B. Spore )


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