Infantry Journal 1944 04 (PDF)


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Vol. LIV No. 4 ……. Cover: Light Machine Gunners ….. Inside Articles: …

Meet Our Authors

Nothing But The Enemy

The Fight on Saki Night. By Lieutenant Colonel S. L. A. Marshall

Battle Facts For Your Outfit

MPs at Salerno. By Lieutenant John R. Sidey

The Rifle Company in the New Guinea Jungle. By Colonel A. R. MacKechnie

Three Nights on George Ridge. By Captain John D. George

Field Orders. By Colonel G

Victory in the Marshalls (Pictures)

Efficiency Report. By Major General C. D. Herron

German and Japanese Infantry Divisions. By Lieutenant Colonel C. R. Warndof

Valor: 7th Division Unit Citations

The Bronze Star Medal

9th Infantry Division

The Bulldozer (Pictures)

Armor and Counter-Armor — Part II. By Major General J. P. C. Fuller

Discipline. By Colonel G. E. Parker

The British Piat


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