Infantry Journal 1944 02 (PDF)


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Vol. LIV No. 2 ……. Cover: Camouflage ……. Inside Articles: …

Meet Our Authors

Badges of Battle

Battle Facts For Your Outfit

Try the Reverse Slope. By Lieutenant Milton M. Thornton and Lieutenant Colonel R. G. Emery

We Learned in Tunisia and Sicily. By Technical Sergeant Milton Lehman

Recreation on Attu. By Lieutenant Saul Habu

Building By-Passes in Sicily. By Captain Arthur Tauscher

I Served with the Seventh Army. By Lieutenant Colonel Robert Henriques

Makin Atoll (Pictures)

Valor On Attu. By Master Sergeant Charles F. Burgmann

Did The OCS Work? By Lieutenant Q

Chemical Warfare and Infantry. By Lieutenant William E. Barstow, Jr.

White Fog (Pictures)

Men, Mud and Machines

The “GI” and the Rumor. By Pfc Frank K. Kelly and Pfc Michael Rossman

Classification of Weapons. By Captain Melvin M. Johnson, Jr.

Arundel Island (Pictures)

Occupation Money. By Kurt Solmssen

Recognition by Repetition. By Captain Arthur Goodfriend

“GI” Description of a Shoelace. By Lieutenant S. N. Ohlbaum

International Military Survey


From The Readers Of The Journal


Private Li’L Abner, Infantry by Al Capp

Book Reviews