Infantry Journal 1943 11 (PDF)


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Vol. LIII No. 5 ……. Cover Design: Signal Corps Kodachrome by Sergeant Frank S. Errigo and Corporal Ardean Miller III. ……. Inside Articles: …

Meet Our Authors

Take Care Of Your Stuff

Battle Facts For Your Outfit: If I Could Train My Company Again by Captain Clarence A. Heckethorn

Jammed Up for Death by Captain Wallace H. Jamison

Achtung! Minen!

Nipping the Jap in the Jungle

We Take El Guettar. By Captain Ralph Ingersoll


Elementary Artillery For The Doughboy by Captain Robert B. Ritchie

Report on the Army by General George C. Marshall

Soldier, Look At The Grounds By Colonel R. Ernest Dupuy

Oh, The Infantry … With The Dirt Behind Their Ears by Lieutenant Colonel James W. Bellah

GP: The Army’s Newest Training Aid by Captain Arthur Goodfriend

International Military Survey


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