Infantry Journal 1943 10 (PDF)




Vol. LIII No. 4

Cover Photo by Signal Corps, U. S. Army ……. Inside Articles: …

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To The Infantry – Wherever Fighting

Battle Facts For Your Outfit

Action on Attu. By Lieutenant Colonel R. G. Emery

Too Much “Home, Sweet Home.” By Regimental Commander

Bunker Busting. By Captain Robert M. White II

Italian Weapons. By Lieutenant John Scofield

Island Warfare (Pictures)

Sahara Victory By Colonel Harry F. Cunningham

Don’t Forget Your Mission. By Colonel John U. Ayotte

Smoke For Defense by Brigadier General Alden H. Waitt

Tips On The Bull Market by Captain A. S. Daley

What We Can Do With Gliders. By Flight Officer Cornelius J. Dwyer

Water Supply by Groff Conklin

Mex Rank Through The Ages — Part II. By Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Bernays Wiener

International Military Survey


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