Infantry Journal 1943 09 (PDF)




Vol. LIII No. 3 – 100 pages

Cover Design: Winter Soldiers ……. Inside Articles: …

The Infantry Soldier

Battle Facts for Your Outfit — Blind Mans Buff in Buna. By Lieutenant Colonel Loren Gmeiner

Outpost Action in Tunisia By Captain James B. Carvey

No Cover, No Concealment, No Nuthin By Lieutenant Islander

Toe Hold on Europe ( Picture Section )

War is Like This By Warrant Officer E. J. Kahn

Air Power and the Duration By J. M. Spaight

Mex Rank Through the Ages — Part I. By Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Bernays Wiener

Combat Aid to China

Psychology for the Fighting Man

Esprit By Lieutenant Colonel S. L. A. Marshall

Sergeants. By Captain Anthony Cotterell

The Infantry Packs a Wallop

The Nazi Motor Transport Corps By Dr. Alfred Vagts

Scouting and Patrolling

Service Personnel and the New Pay-As-You-Go Income Tax Law By Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Bernays Wiener

International Military Survey


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Regiment, Paperwork, Light

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