Infantry Journal 1943 08 (PDF)


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Vol. LIII No. 2 ……. Cover Design: ……. Inside Articles: …



Battle Facts For Your Outfit

On Land, On Sea, and in the Air. By Warrant Officer E. J. Kahn

Attu Victory. By Platoon Leader

Attu Victory — Pictures

Psychology For The Fighting Man

Scouting and Patrolling

Our Future Military Policy. By Brigadier General John McAuley Palmer

NCO. By Colonel Russell P. Reeder, Jr

The Reich Labor Service. By Dr. Alfred Vagts

Gas Training. By Lieutenant Colonel John L. Miles

Gripes of a P-38

Building Brawn. By Lieutenant Avery Ashwood

Crash Landing. By Lieutenant John W. Collins

Handgun Offense. By Captain Rex Applegate

James Wolfe: Leader. By Brigadier General Stuart C. Godfrey

Bell Bottom Trousers. By Brigadier General Elliot D. Cooke

Changkufeng: King of Border Incidents. By Colonel Paul W. Thompson

International Military Survey


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Book Reviews