Infantry Journal 1943 06 (PDF)




Vol. LII No. 6
102 pages

Cover Design: Tunis Patrol

Inside Articles:

The Way It Is Done

Battle Facts for Your Outfit

Portrait of the Red Soldier. By Lieutenant Colonel Paul W. Thompson

The Red Officer Corps By Leonard Engel

Psychology for the Fighting Man – Efficiency in the Army

A Page of PM ( From Army Motors )

Booby Traps ( Cartoons by the Armored Force School )

German Strategy in the Present Conflict – Will the Nazis unleash one last big attack?. By Dr. Herbert Rosinski

Colored Smokes for Identification. By Brigadier General Alden H. Waitt

Impregnable City ( Stalingrad Photo Report )

Organization Todt By Dr. Alfred Vagts

Dig or Die By Lt. Col. William C. Hall

Selecting Noncoms By Colonel T. F. McCarthy

The Real Australian Soldier By Gavin Long

The Sherman at El Alamein

Social Care of the Swedish Soldier By Colonel Gottfrid Bjoerck

International Military Survey


From The Readers Of The Journal


Book Reviews