Infantry Journal 1943 04 (PDF)


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100 pages
Vol. LII No. 4

……. Cover Design: Multi-Purpose Gun ……. Inside Articles: …

Meet Our Authors

“The Enemy”

The Battle of El Alamein. By Captain H. A. DeWeerd

Leadership at the Front

Battle for Bataan. By Clark Lee

Psychology for the Fighting Man

How to Shoot the U. S. Army Rifle

How to Pay for a War. By Kurt Solmssen

Military Justice and the Field Soldier — Part V. By Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Bernays Wiener

Unarmed Offense — Part II. By Captain Rex Applegate

The Rifle Company — Part IV: Offensive Combat

Fire It From Your Knee and Break Your Leg!

Battle Training — Part II. By Colonel John U. Ayotte

International Military Survey


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