Infantry Journal 1943 02 (PDF)




116 pages
Vol. LII No. 2

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It Will Take Something More


Sevastopol and Verdun — Part II. By Lieutenant Colonel Paul W. Thompson

The Corporal. By Major Paul C. Greene

What Has Been Accomplished. By Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson

Blimps. By Fletcher Pratt

WAAC ( Picture Section )

Kill Or Get Killed. By Lieutenant Colonel John V. Grombach

Military Justice and the Field Soldier — Part III. By Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Bernays Wiener

American Manpower In Total War. By Dr. Fritz Sternberg

The Rifle Company — Part II: Offensive Combat

Escape From Singapore

Nazi Map Problem: Pursuit in the Dark

Watch Those Errors.

Production Strategy and Machine Warfare. By George Chernowith

Keep ‘Em Rolling On Ice Flows Or Deserts. By Richard Gordon McCloskey

Russian Armored Trains.

Fall In … Forward March.

Memos For Motor Men.

International Military Survey


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