Infantry Journal 1942 12 (PDF)


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Vol. LI No. 6 ……. Cover Design: Season’s Greetings. ( Kodachrome by Lieutenant L. C. Harmon )……. Inside Articles: …

Meet Our Authors

To the Men of the Army Ground Forces.

Mines by the Millions. By Lieutenant Colonel Paul W. Thompson

Destination Africa – Desert Maneuvers Summer of 1942.

Escape from Encirclement. By Colonel G. N. Filonov

“Gentlemen” of Japan ( Tojo, Yamamoto and Doihara ). By Johannes Steel

The War’s New Phase. By Fletcher Pratt

The Taking of Montfaucon ( 79th Infantry Division WWI ). By Private (First Class) James M. Cain, II

PK ( Propagandakompanien ). By J. Garrett Underhill

Protective Measures for the Soldier and the Small Unit.

Antitank Measures.

Military Justice and the Field Soldier — Part I. By Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Bernays Wiener

International Military Survey


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