Infantry Journal 1942 11 (PDF)




Vol. LI No. 5
……. Cover Design: Squad, in Attack ( Photo by Signal Corps, U. S. Army ) ……. Inside Articles: …

Meet Our Authors

All the Teams Make One Team

The British Army Hardens Up for Battle By MacDonald Hastings

Close-Up of the Jap Fighting Man By Lieutenant Colonel Warren J. Clear

Highway Friction and Motor Marches By Richard Gordon McCloskey

Swiss Ideas on Night Combat By Lieutenant C. van Muyden

Babbling Gossip By Colonel R. Ernest Dupuy

Royal MPs . . . Armored

Maps, Strategy, and World Politics By Richard Edes Harrison and Robert Strausz-Hupé

Machine Warfare — Part III. By Major General J. F. C. Fuller

The Victoria Cross. By flight Lieutenant John Strachey

Protective Measures for the Soldier and the Small Unit — Part II.

Nazi Map Problems. By Lieutenant Colonel Paul W. Thompson

Sergeant Major Perry and Cadet Poe. By Colonel Carlisle V. Allan

How’s Your Reconnaissance? By Lieutenant Colonel D. C. Shirk

International Military Survey


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