Infantry Journal 1942 10 (PDF)




Vol. LI No. 4 – 116 pages

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Looking Ahead.

Meet Our Authors.

“All Echelons Must Know…”.

Lessons of Bataan. By Colonel Milton A. Hill

How the Army Sorts Its Man Power. By Walter V. Bingham with James Rorty

Soviet Snipers. By Lt. Col. M. Kriventsov, Red Army

Jap Propaganda on Bataan.

Machine Warfare — Part II. By Major General J.F.C. Fuller

ALCAN ( Alaskan Canadian Highway ). By Lieutenant Colonel Paul W. Thompson Protective Measures for the Soldier and the Small Unit — Part I.

Gas On a Hostile Shore. By Colonel Alden Waitt

The Sixth Column – An Episode from the Great Mungo War of 1950. By Sergeant Terry Bull.

War Dogs.

Motor Vehicle Driver Training. By Major O. Z. Tyler, Jr.

Don’t Tinker With the Governor.

International Military Survey – Communications Form the Key.

Nazi and Army ….. It’s the Man Behind the Wheel. by Harry R. DeSilva

Honor Roll.

From the Readers of the Journal.


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