Infantry Journal 1942 05 (PDF)


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Vol. L No. 5 ……. Cover Design: Machine Gunner ……. Articles Inside: …

Looking Ahead

Meet Our Authors

Bataan – Corregidor

The War for the World

The Japanese Army — Part II. By Lieutenant Colonel Paul W. Thompson

Army of the People. By Colonel Elbridge Colby

Men and Tools of War. By James R. Newman

Remember Pearl Harbor! — Part II. By Blake Clark

Stream Crossing Methods. By Colonel Sterling A. Wood and Colonel Roy N. Hagerty

Geopolitics and Today’s War. By Leonard Engel

Jungle Warfare — Part II.

Paperwork. By Major L. P. D. Warren

Maps for Combat. By Major William C. Hall

Driver Training. By Richard Gordon McCloskey

Shoot The ‘Chuters. By Lieutenant Irving Heymont and Staff Sergeant Leslie H. Dow

Film Strips

By Lieutenant Colonel Alfred E. McKenney

International Military Survey


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Book Reviews