Infantry Journal 1942 04 (PDF)


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Vol. L No. 4 ……. Cover Design: MacArthur’s Filipino AT Gunners (Photo by U. S. Army Signal Corps) ……. Articles Inside: …

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Meet Our Authors

The New Set-Up

The Place of Infantry

Remember Pearl Harbor! By Blake Clark

The Leader’s Notebook

The Japanese Army By Lieutenant Colonel Paul W. Thompson

The Invariant Principles

The Siege of Tobruk. By Sergeant Ian Fitchett

War in the Desert. — Pictures

Guerrilla Warfare. — Part II. By Bert Levy

The Colonel Inspects His Motors. Part Two. By Captain Charles D’Orsa

Jungle Warfare. — Part I

More Preventive Maintenance

A Rifle Platoon Stalks Five Night-Bound Tanks. By Colonel Sterling A. Wood International Military Survey


From the Readers of the Journal

Book Reviews