Infantry Journal 1942 03 (PDF)


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Vol. L No. 3 ……. Cover Design: AT Gun (Photo by U.S. Army Signal Corps)……. Articles Inside: …

Battle on Bataan: Editorial

From the Chief’s Office: Fitness for Command

The Rifle Regiment in the Defensive

Preventive Maintenance

The Colonel Inspects His Motors By Captain Charles S. D’Orsa

Six Months with the Jap Infantry. By Major Harold Doud

The Princeton Program of Military Studies By Dr. Edward Mead Earle

Guerrilla Warfare By Bert Levy

The New Army Game By Major John V. Grombach

More Destroyers By Sergeant Terry Bull

Doughboy Mail By Lieutenant John E. Minter, Jr.

Ration Savings in Reverse By Major L. P. D. Warren

International Military Survey


From the Readers of the Journal



Book Reviews